We love our Arizona wine and beer, don’t we? I know I do! I’ve gained almost 50 lbs because of how good all this craziness is. This website is created from love of our excellent establishments trying to navigate this consumable liquids market. AZbottle is here to help by providing you with every winery and brewery in Arizona. Along with contact info, social media stuffs, map and photos to help you figure it all out!

Arizona Wine

Colibri Vineyard & Winery

We pick our grapes by hand from sustainable vineyards in the Columbia River Gorge. We only work with organic, biodynamic, or LIVE certified vineyards. Our sparkling wines are made using the Traditional Method, which means our wine is sparkled inside of each individual bottle. This method is ... Read More

Arizona Beer

Four Peaks Brewing Company

Located in Tempe, Arizona, Four Peaks has helped define craft beer in the Southwest since 1996. Our hometown pride and heritage are at the heart of our pubs in Tempe, Scottsdale and Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Our brewers are committed to creating exceptional beers meant to ... Read More


This could be your winery or brewery

With a ton of visitors to AZbottle, wouldn't it be cool to have you on the front page constantly for a week at a time? The AZbottle Spotlight is a great way to get noticed among the 150 wineries and breweries located here in Arizona. It's a good way to stand out among the rest (I mean, except for your amazing wines and beer). Give it a try for a week and if it's not for you, then you'll know. But why wouldn't it be?!? Read More

From the Blog

Ending 2021 On An ...

It's been an interesting year... or half a year since AZbottle was launched. I must admit that it was never launched with any kind of fanfare or even posting on social media about it. I guess I wanted to make sure that everything is working as it ... Read More


Spending Time In Sonoita

We've set out to spend a little time in Sonoita/Elgin before Christmas. We also have had very hard work schedules for the past several months and found some time and a place to relax. The views are amazing and the weather is perfect right now so I ... Read More